Rumor: Capcom Killed Resident Evil 8 Development Last Year

Capcom has been killing it lately with the Resident Evil franchise. After taking Resident Evil 7 back to the franchise roots of a survival horror game, the studio has released a highly successful remake of Resident Evil 2 and confirmed a Resident Evil 3 remake was is in the works. Now for fans who are hoping to keep the franchise going with something new may have a longer wait to endure.

A leaker that goes by the name of AestheticGamer has released reliable leaks in the past and his credible work has given plenty of gamers a reason to not only follow the social media account but to pay attention to the tweets released. Now today the social media account has stated Capcom was in the development of Resident Evil 8 since 2016 though just last year the studio scrapped the project.

There weren’t any details as to why Capcom supposedly scrapped the project, though with the success of the remakes, perhaps the vision changed a bit for Resident Evil 8. We’re also not sure if anything was saved for the next mainline installment. This is nothing new for studios to scrap projects and start over, there’s even been footage of Resident Evil 4 taking a few different directions before Capcom settled on a campaign storyline.

That’s not to say this leak is true as it very well could be fake. Regardless, there were also other statements made by AestheticGamer that claims Capcom is not focusing on future Resident Evil remakes but instead will focus on other IPs being remade. Additionally, the announcements also came with rumors of Konami working on two Silent Hill projects. For now, all we can do is wait and see if any of these rumors prove to be true which should further add credibility to AestheticGamer.

Source: Twitter