Half-Life Games Go Free-To-Play Until Half-Life: Alyx Launches

When it comes to Valve, the company may be best known for a few different video game franchises and its Steam digital PC marketplace. Still, for years fans have been wondering just when Valve was going to bring back the much-beloved video game franchise from its dormant state. While they have a few dormant franchises, the running joke is Valve bringing out a Half-Life 3. Years after the last installment of the franchise, Valve finally surprised fans with a new Half-Life title.

This may not be the desired Half-Life 3 release but Valve is bringing out a brand new installment for the IP known as Half-Life: Alyx. This is a VR focused title that puts players back into the universe prior to the events of Half-Life 2. Players step into the role of Alyx as she fights off the Combine. 

There are quite a few eager gamers out here waiting to get a chance to enjoy the game upon release. In fact, there’s so much anticipation that Valve even sold out of their Index VR headsets which the company hopes to see back in the marketplace prior to Half-Life: Alyx launches into the marketplace. Still, it’s likely that there are quite a few newcomers to the franchise and Valve knew going into the game development that fans would either like a refresher of the franchise or to enjoy it for the first time ever.

As a result, the studio has decided to make all of the Half-Life video game titles free on Steam right now. These games are not free forever but will instead be available for download until Half-Life: Alyx launches. We don’t know exactly just when the game would see the VR title launch on Steam either as Valve has only stated that the game would release in March of this year. This gives players about a month at the very least to download and enjoy all of the game fully before the upcoming VR release hits the market.

Source: Valve