Phil Spencer Confirms Xbox Will be Present at E3 2020

xbox live

E3 2020 has been the topic of discussion for the last day as there has been a lot of statements made from publishers to the ESA; now today, Head of Xbox — Phil Spencer, threw his hat into the ring!

Spencer took to Twitter this morning to announce that Microsoft will be bringing Xbox to E3 2020. As he sates, Xbox is looking “forward to sharing with all who love to play what’s ahead for us.”

Most publishers, especially the big ones — Microsoft, Nintendo, and PlayStation, usually never skip E3, however, it seems that Sony is pulling away from the convention as its there second year away from the show. Its nice to hear that Microsoft is coming to E3 2020!

Check out the official statement issued from Phil Spencer down below:

If you haven’t heard yet, Sony is skipping E3 2020. They issued an official statement to which they noted that the convention does not fit their vision of the PS5. Rather they will be showcasing the upcoming console at hundreds of consumer events. Shortly after the announcement, the ESA issued there own statement on Sony skipping E3 2020. Make sure to catch up on all the E3 2020 drama right here!

Are you excited for the Xbox Series X? Sad to hear Sony skipping E3 2020? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Twitter