The Witcher Series Season Two Pre-Production Will Begin Soon, Henry Cavill Confirms

Although the show has not even been out for a full month, lead star Henry Cavill has confirmed that pre-production for season two of The Witcher Netflix series will begin soon. Check it out from the Witcher himself down below.

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In an Instagram video, Henry Cavill goes on to confirm the news that season two pre-production will begin shortly. Cavill goes on to say that he’s happy that the fans have enjoyed the first season and that fans can expect to hear more updates of the production right here on his Instagram. That is a very quick turn-around and the team here at Gameranx could not be happier as we loved the first season.

The news comes as a bit of a surprise as the show has not been out for a full month. Be sure to stay right here at Gameranx to hear more about the production of season two of The Witcher Series.

In related news, The Witcher Series opening was hilariously recreated using the iconic sitcom theme from Friends. The two combined works very well and it is truly something you must watch for yourself. Watch it here.

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