Netflix’s Witcher Series Gets Hilariously Recreated With Friends Intro

The Witcher series hit Netflix this holiday season and is being praised for its unique, yet familiar style. There are tons to love about the show and twitter user DarwinStreams might have just given us another reason.

Twitter user DarwinStreams has recreated the intro for The Witcher with the iconic opening to 90s sitcom, Friends. The video brilliantly blends the two and it’s really something special. The iconic theme mixed with The Witcher works well on many different levels and all we must say is that you must check it for yourself down below:

The Witcher series has been receiving positive feedback from fans of the series and newcomers alike. The show brings its own unique identity while feeling all familiar to the video game. Some fans are going as far as saying Henry Cavill was born for this role and plays it perfectly. Fans aren’t the only ones adoring this show, as the voice actor of the titular video game character revealed that he also loved the show. You can read more about this news here.

In related news, according to our review roundup from Metacritic, the show seems to have a mixed reaction. Some critics love it, while others find it extremely boring. But the biggest question is if the fans of the Witcher franchise like it? I would say they do. Since its debut on December 20th, the gaming community has been flooded with positive reviews all over Twitter for The Witcher series

Have you seen The Witcher Netflix series yet? Did you like the show? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Twitter user: DarwinStreams