Epic Games Store Is Keeping Up With The Free Video Game Titles Weekly

Epic Games Store had quite a bit of push back from gamers online when it first got started. While the norm had been to purchase video game titles through Valve’s Steam marketplace, Epic Games Store stepped in with deep pockets. They were able to gather quite a few exclusive PC deals which made the games exclusive to the Epic Games Store marketplace. 

While there was plenty of disdain remarks from gamers, Epic Games continued to push on by delivering new updates to close the gap between the features Valve offers with Steam and the features on Epic Games Store. That of course helps, but what made plenty of gamers jumping into the digital marketplace Epic Games offered is the free weekly titles. Throughout 2019, Epic Games Store featured anywhere from a single title to multiple titles that were free for the taking.

Once the game was claimed, it would remain in your account forever, allowing you to download and play the game whenever you pleased. However, there were plenty of assumptions going into 2020 that the free weekly games would stop. It all came down to a countdown leading to the New Year that offered a free game each day. Fortunately, it looks like the assumptions were wrong and Epic Games Store is still providing players with a free video game title every week.

We don’t know just how long that will last for Epic Games Store but for now, you can claim a free copy of Sundered: Eldritch Edition for free and next week there will be Horace available for free. Again, you have a week to claim each title in order to secure a copy for your account. 

Source: Epic Games Store