Soma & Costume Quest Now Free Through Epic Games Store

The Epic Games Store released as a major competitor against Valve’s Steam digital marketplace. Epic Games had the resources to compete for thanks to mainly their wide success of Fortnite which generates plenty of revenue into their bank account. Still, for years Valve had a monopoly of sorts with the variety of video game titles that players could purchase and own digitally. As a result, Epic Games needed an edge and it cost them quite a bit of flack.

Using an assortment of exclusive deals with various publishers, more and more games became Epic Games Store exclusives. Most often Epic Games Store would provide some financial stability to developers at times to help them further create new projects. Likewise, Epic Games Store offers a better deal of revenue compared to Valve’s Steam platform. It’s something that may hurt Valve when other publishers opt to go through Epic Games Store either fully or as a timed exclusive deal.

Regardless, Epic Games Store is providing gamers with an incentive to download the client and make a free account. Throughout 2019, Epic Games Store is offering players free video games that they can redeem and keep forever on their account. There are also no limits on how many they’ll offer for free. It can be anywhere from one title to a whole collection bundle. At any rate, you’ll find that there is something to enjoy each month if not a title that may pique your interest each week.

This particular week, Epic Games Store is offering players SOMA and Costume Quest. Likewise, we get a look at the week ahead of where we know that Nuclear Throne and Ruiner will be the next two free video game titles. Since it doesn’t require anything but a free account, it’s worth redeeming the games and adding to your collection.

Source: Epic Games Store