Humble Bundle Subscription Is Changing To Humble Choice

If you’re after video game deals on the PC platform then chances are you’re familiar with Humble Bundle. This is a service that offers gamers access to different video game bundles at a discount though to get a bigger profit, the bundles are often connected to various charities. Essentially, it’s a pay what you want kind of deal with specific minimum amounts for select video games. 

Optionally, you could also have gone with their subscription service which gives players access to an assortment of mystery games each month with a few titles being featured prior. It’s a great service at just $12 a month, but now that service is coming to an end. With that said, it doesn’t mean Humble Bundle itself will be ending, instead, it will be revamped with a new tier-system for gamers to gain access to select video game titles. 

You will soon see Humble Monthly turn into Humble Choice. Instead of one subscription service, there will be three paid tiers which will give you access to select video game titles of your choosing. We’ll supply a breakdown of the subscription tiers below.

  • Lite – $4.99 a month with access to Humble Trove
  • Basic – $14.99 a month with access to three video game titles
  • Premium – $19.99 a month with access to nine video game titles

It may not be as appealing as the $12 a month to get access to all the monthly goods, but perhaps the quality of video game titles will be making a jump as well. At any rate, this change will be happening soon so you still have the chance to enjoy the $12 a month subscription while it lasts. 

Source: VG247