Rumor: Leaked Black Friday Walmart Console Deals Posted Online

Black Friday has become a massive holiday at least within the United States. It’s a massive event around the country where retail stores mark products at a massive discount in an attempt to move units for more stock and also to bring in some sales. We’re still a month out from the holiday event but we may have a leaked image for Walmart’s video game console deals.

Again, this is a supposed leak so we can’t confirm the legitimacy of this advertisement. Regardless, the deals are pretty nice for the various consoles advertised. If you’re in the market for a new console or plan on purchasing a console for a loved one this holiday season then take a look at these deals below.

Rumored Black Friday Console Deals

  • Sony PS4 1TB Slim – $149
  • Sony PS4 1TB Pro – $299
  • Xbox One S 1TB All Digital – $149
  • Nintendo Switch – $199
  • Nintendo Switch Lite – $149

The best part of the Black Friday event lately is that more and more retailers are utilizing online retail options. Rather than going to the stores at midnight for the various deals, you can sit back and purchase the products online. However, some select items are in-store-only with each location limited to the amount readily available. As a result, you’ll want to make sure to check out advertisement deals and the fine details before you prepare to either rush out to the stores or hopping online. With that said, if you’re looking for some deals right now for video games and peripherals then check out our weekly deals page right here.

Source: CAG