PlayStation Now Confirmed For PlayStation 5

ps now

This generation there has been a big push for streaming game services. You have the likes of Google entering the race with their upcoming Stadia platform service but you also have Sony’s PlayStation Now. While Google Stadia is a new upcoming service that may or may not do well, Sony has proven a good record of subscribers with their streaming service which grants users access to a wide variety of video game titles. 

With PlayStation Now, gamers have access to titles from the PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3 along with the PlayStation 4 platform. It’s a service that gives players the ability to play the catalog of video game titles without having to download or install them. Instead, all that is required for PlayStation Now is a subscription fee and an internet connection. From there, players can enjoy the video game titles streamed to both the PlayStation 4 and PC platforms. 

Now a new interview from Famitsu magazine unveiled that the PlayStation 5 would also see the PlayStation Now service. This shred of news was alerted to the world by Yasuhiro Osaki who looks after the Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Network Division. It’s not a surprise as again the PlayStation Now service has done rather well since it was first introduced. Likewise, it was recently unveiled that the PlayStation Now received a price cut both monthly and yearly

The PlayStation 5 is coming out during the holiday season of 2020, but for those who are hoping to get more video game titles to enjoy right out of the gate may find that this service is worth the investment when they pick up the PlayStation 5. After all, there have been a few notable big AAA PlayStation 4 video game titles that were added into the service such as God of War. Unfortunately, these games will be rotated over a few months so you may not get unlimited access to it with your subscription. 

Source: DualShockers