Remedy Entertainment Will Bring Out Expeditions DLC For Control Later This Year

The same development team that brought out the Max Payne and Alan Wake franchise, Remedy Entertainment has released their latest title into the market, Control. The game acts much like their other line of video game titles as players will be going through the game as a third-person shooter. Remedy Entertainment is telling a story of a woman named Jesse Faden. 

Jesse was granted unexplained supernatural powers after a childhood traumatic experience and it’s her goal to finally get some questions answered about her past. Joining up with The Oldest House, a Federal Bureau headquarters that study supernatural phenomena, Jesse ends up dealing with more than she bargained for. A new otherworldly force has invaded The Oldest House leaving Jesse to fight back using any means necessary and perhaps at the end she’ll finally learn about her past.

It’s a game that is very narrative-focused and slowly feeds you information about the different characters as you progress through the campaign. Outside of having a narrative-driven campaign, the title also focuses on a Metroidvania style map where players are constantly exploring and seeking out different upgrades for your character and weapons. 

We knew that there would be post-launch content coming for Control and now those that own a copy of the game will find that there will now be a photo mode where players can take pictures in-game. Likewise, Expeditions are coming soon. This is a game mode where players will have different objectives to complete in a certain set of time. If you complete the objectives you’ll earn some powerful rewards. Luckily, this DLC is completely free for everyone who owns a copy of the game, though it won’t be available until later this year.

Source: PlayStation Blog