Control’s Upcoming Update Will Include Long-Awaited Phot Mode, Set to Release Tomorrow

Developers Remedy took to the PlayStation Blog to update fans on the upcoming update for the latest title – -Control!

The new update titled 1.04, will be going live tomorrow on all platforms and it will come with the long-awaited arrival of a photo mode! Yes, now all the awesome pictures you could be taking throughout the entire crazy building. Control is filled with some awesome lighting areas and hallway designs, and photo mode is going to be a treat for users who like taking pictures!

Check out the highlights from the blog post down below:

Control: Photo Mode

Control‘s journey isn’t over, though. We have new content in the pipeline, but before that, the first thing the next game update will have is the much requested Photo Mode, which we’ll be bringing to you in update 1.04. The best news is that this update will be out tomorrow, October 16!

With its Brutalist hallways, big open spaces and strange things creeping in from other dimensions, Control has a very striking aesthetic. Every Sector of the Bureau has a unique look and color palette. Not to mention that Jesse’s supernatural abilities can leave a devastating effect on the environment and the Hiss-corrupted enemies.

Photo Mode can be accessed through the Options Menu.

To control how the camera moves, use the Left and Right Thumb Sticks. The L2 and R2 buttons will pan it up or down. The Photo Mode menu has two tabs, one that lets you change some specific options that you would find in a regular camera, and another where you can select different filters or hide Jesse or other characters from the world.

Control is now available for the PS4 and Xbox One. Are you planning to use the highly anticipated photo mode? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: PS Blog