Bautista Enters Gears 5 For Players To Unlock

If you recall back in July of this year, Dave Bautista, actor, and famed WWE star has taken to Twitter to alert fans that he’s been actively seeking out a way to take on the role of Marcus Fenix in a Gears of War movie. According to the actor, pleas to be included in the film were not looking well, but that did bring the character onto Gears 5, the latest main video game installment to Gears of War. Now the character skin has officially been added in for players to unlock.

While we may not get Dave Bautista in a Gears of War movie adaptation, fans can take on the character skin through Gears 5. This is a skin that will replace Marcus Feix so don’t expect anything new in terms of what he will bring into the game. But, with that said, you do need to unlock him in Gears 5 and the process is simple.

In order to unlock The Bautista skin, players need to play the game before October 28, 2019. If you play the game the skin will be available through the Marcus customization menu. This is a limited skin right now so if you’re wanting to get the character in Gears 5 then you’ll need to hurry up and secure your copy on either the Xbox One or Windows PC platform. With that said, if you’re not sure if Gears 5 is for you then check out our Before You Buy episode upload which is posted above.

Source: Gamerant, Twitter