Dave Bautista Wants To Play Marcus Fenix In Gears of War Movie

There have been several video game film adaptations released or in the works. Oftentimes, these films don’t hit the strides that fans of the source material hope for. Despite this, filmmakers attempt at capturing the gold and delight for both veterans and newcomers to the IP. One of those films that are in the works is a Gears of War adaptation and already there is one actor that fans have been asking to take the helm as Marcus Fenix.

Marcus Fenix is the lead character in Gears of War and if this upcoming film is looking to make a more direct adaptation then you may want to see something that could fit into the role visually. One of those actors that comes to mind for plenty of fans is Dave Bautista. The actor, who may be known for his wrestling career, has a few notable credits. You may know him as Drax from Guardians of the Galaxy or seen him as Detective Victor Manning in the recent film release, Stuber.

He’s no stranger in the film industry but his several credits may not be enough to sway casting to take him as Marcus Fenix in the upcoming film. Recently, the actor took to Twitter and alerted fans asking him to approach the studio for the role of Marcus Fenix that he’s already trying. It’s not looking great as he’s stated that those responsible for casting don’t care. Details for the film itself have been scarce so while Hollywood may be moving forward with the Gears of War movie, it may be a while before anything is alerted to fans about casting.

Source: Game Informer, Twitter