Are We Going To Receive An Alan Wake Expansion Within Control?

There is a massive following for Remedy Entertainment’s Alan Wake IP. It was a video game title that first launched during the last generation platforms but fans have been pleading for players to deliver a sequel. Unfortunately, there has been no word yet on if the game franchise would make a return, but a new expansion to Control may indicate that something is in the works. Of course, right now, it’s purely a guess as we’re still waiting for Remedy Entertainment to drop new information that will confirm Alan Wake is going to reappear within Control.

If you played Alan Wake and have made your way through Control then chances are you’ve encountered a few Easter Eggs and mentions to the Alan Wake IP. Recently, the development studio delivered a road map to show what is coming down the pipe for Control which includes a photo mode, a new game mode known as Expeditions and two expansions. 

The expansions will not get here until 2020 but the second expansion is causing Alan Wake fans to talk. This expansion is known simply as AWE which Remedy Entertainment has only stated that this expansion will bring Jesse into a new part of the Oldest House, an area that was used by the Bureau to examine Altered World Events. Really, the excitement is the image used to advertise AWE which showcases a forest area with a figure holding out a flashlight, but again, it’s not confirmed that this image is connected directly to Alan Wake

For now, if you want to try out Control, you can enjoy the video game on the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms. If you need a look at some gameplay along with our overall thoughts of the game then take a gander at our Before You Buy episode which is posted above. 

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