Sega Will Be Revealing A New AAA Game At Gamescom

E3 2019 wrapped not that long ago and already we’re gearing up for the Gamescom event. This is another big industry event that brings in several developers where they can unveil the latest video games and hardware coming out to the market. However, while some of the big titles were unveiled during E3, there are still a few reveals that are set to take place at Gamescom. One of those particular reveals will be delivered by Sega, though we don’t know just what in particular is in the works.

Gamescom is set in Germany which will run starting from August 20, 2019, to August 24, 2019. It’s within this even that we expect a few new video game announcements and we know at least one of those will be from Sega. Sega has unveiled their lineup that will be present at Gamescom and with it is the announcement of a new AAA video game title that has yet to be unveiled to the public. It’s uncertain if this game will be a brand new IP or simply a new installment to one of their franchise. Regardless, it’s going to be shown off with three other highlights from Sega.

Outside of the new upcoming AAA video game title, Sega will be featuring Catherine: Full Body, Two Point Hospital and the upcoming Sega Genesis Mini. We’ll, of course, keep you posted on the latest from the event and new video game titles that are officially revealed.

Source: Gematsu, PlayStation LifeStyle