Google Plans Stadia Livestream Event Before Gamescom

Google Stadia is a new gaming platform coming into the market in hopes to compete with the likes of Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony. It’s a unique video game platform as Google is aiming to deliver players with a variety of video game titles that can be streamed to devices rather than having particular hardware necessary to run the titles locally. As a result, the announcement came with some information that may have mislead some gamers worldwide leaving Google to clear things up during a Reddit AMA.

One of the elements that gamers had thought Google Stadia would provide is a Netflix style service but for video games. That’s not the case as users will still have to purchase the video game titles from the marketplace. This is simply a service that would allow the user to stream the video game to your device. While you don’t need to match the PC system requirements to run the video games, you will need a stable internet connection. Likewise, you’ll have to decide if you want all the bells and whistles such as 4K streaming which will cost a monthly fee.

While this may not have been the service that gamers had originally thought of when Google announced its Stadia platform, it’s likely going to have a few new announcements to hopefully pique some new interest. Google has recently unveiled a new livestream that will take place on August 19, 2019, which is a couple of days ahead of the Gamescom event. We don’t know what is intended to be revealed at the livestream, but perhaps we’ll get some new features announcements along with video game title exclusives.

Source: Twitter, Game Informer