Google Stadia AMA Reiterates It’s Not Netflix For Games

There may have been some confusion when Google Stadia was first revealed. I think there were plenty of gamers out there that assumed Google Stadia would be a subscription service that would essentially create a Netflix style gaming hub. To some, the idea was to purchase Google Stadia, pay monthly and then have access to countless video game titles. That’s not the case and Google recently held an AMA on Reddit to reiterate this information to gamers around the world. So for those who were hoping on getting access to several video game titles at launch for one monthly fee, you’re going to be disappointed.

Google Stadia offers two tiers, a free version that will give players access to gaming hardware within Google’s datacenter and a paid premium service known as Stadia Pro. With Stadia Pro, gamers will be able to have access to 4K, 5.1 sound, discounts, and access to some free games. That’s of course if your internet can handle the speed requirements. To clarify on the free games, according to the Google AMA, the free games are just one free game that will be given out per month much like how Xbox Live Gold and PlayStation Plus offers their subscribers.

We already know that the first game will be Destiny 2 but it’s unknown what may be coming down the line afterward. This bit of news will likely steer some gamers away from the service as you’ll still have to pay for games individually. However, those who may not have a current-generation platform to enjoy the latest titles may find that this service is worth the subscription and additional fee per game.

Source: Reddit