Grand Theft Auto Online Diamond Casino & Resort Opens This Month

Ever since Grant Theft Auto V launched there has been an abandoned casino located on the map. It was something that gamers wanted to enjoy but the developers never opened up its door officially but that will soon change. It was announced recently that Rockstar Games was going to open up Diamond Casino & Resort, the big casino area found on the Los Santos map. While the announcement didn’t provide gamers any details as to what they can expect during its initial reveal, a new gameplay trailer released offering some insight for players.

Los Santos Diamond Casino & Resort will officially open its doors on July 23, 2019. This will allow gamers to flood into the casino and start gambling with a variety of card games such as Blackjack, or even roulette and slot machines. There’s more to it than just the few gambling games available for players. Inside there will be a weekly wheel that players can spin which you can win anything from cash, chips, clothing to even a brand new car. Additionally, there is a lobby area for players to relax and communicate or if you wish, a resort to stay at.

Speaking of the resort, gamers can expect a new storyline with co-op based missions. Within Diamond Casino & Resort, players can work their way to the top and work with the owners to ensure that the casino remains the top location within the city. This will require some brute force on your part and you can get an idea of who all is involved with the trailer posted above. Are you going to dive into Los Santos again to see the doors finally open up for the casino? We’re sure that Rockstar Games will see a spike in activity once July 23, 2019 hits.

Source: Rockstar Games, PlayStation LifeStyle