The First Casino In Los Santos Is Opening Soon For GTA Online Players

When Grand Theft Auto V released, there was plenty of places to see and things to do. Chaos and dirty money is the name of the game for this franchise so when players discovered the casino in Los Santos, it was met with expectations that Rockstar would open it up down the road to spend some of that cash you made along the way. Years have since passed and the casino laid dormant which is expected especially with so many controversies with gambling in video games being a hot subject politically. However, after waiting patiently, it appears that the casino is finally opening its doors for Grand Theft Auto Online players. Get ready to spend your virtual money as The Diamond Casino & Resort is finally inbound.

Rockstar is not running out of any ideas on how to flesh out Grand Theft Auto Online. Since the online multiplayer component released, we’ve seen a healthy amount of content release to give an incentive for players to continue playing the game years after it released. Now one new element that players have been asking about is coming soon and that’s The Diamond Casino & Resort, a building that is currently not accessible.

That building has since been changed with some construction decor outside with Rockstar stating that the building will be open later this summer. Inside will be gaming, shopping among other amenities but we’re still not getting the full picture of what to expect yet. At any rate, this is one update that gamers will definitely be interested in and we’ll, of course, keep you updated on the very latest right here on Gameranx.

Source: Game Informer