New Sony PlayStation VR Patents May Give Insight For PlayStation 5 VR

The PlayStation 5 is coming out shortly, that’s no surprise and with it comes the support of PlayStation VR. VR itself has become a big platform for the gaming industry this generation and we already know that the current PSVR would be compatible with the next-generation console. With that said, we may see a new generation VR device that would be used for the PlayStation 5 and these latest patents may offer some great insight as to what we can expect.

PlayStation VR is a big area for Sony and its one platform peripheral that will be accessible on the PlayStation 5. While we don’t know the fine details yet about the PlayStation 5, Sony is likely going to make the system be a powerhouse that is fully capable of delivering a great VR experience for those that pick up a headset. But speaking of headsets, the PlayStation 5 may have a new headset peripheral outside of the standard PSVR available today. New patents have been discovered to show that Sony is considering a headset that doesn’t feature any wires and instead runs on a battery. This is likely something that would appeal to current PSVR owners as any VR platform headset that is used for intensive gaming like the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift as they tend to offer problematic situations in which a cable is snagged.

Additionally, this new headset will be able to account for where the head moves and tilts. Though one of the biggest patents is the discovery that Sony is toying with the idea of having software that can tell where your eye placement is on the display. By tracking eye movement, Sony can have graphics render only the areas the user is viewing meaning the peripheral vision is not bogging the system down with resources it’s not fully needing. Again, these are patents and it’s not a for sure thing, it’s just simply an idea that Sony is considering. However, if you’re a fan of VR gaming then it’s always exciting to see what companies are working on.

Source: Inverse