Sony Patent Reveals Interest In Glove Controllers

Gaming has evolved over the years both visually and through the hardware we play on. For instance, we’re seeing a big push for virtual reality with devices like the Oculus Rift and Sony’s upcoming PlayStation VR. However, it seems that Sony may have an interest in further adapting how player use their upcoming virtual reality headset. Thanks to a patent that was discovered by user Rösti on Neogaf, we learn that Sony has an interest in glove based controllers to use with their upcoming PlayStation VR headset.

According to the patent, these gloves would come packed with an inertial sensor, a communications module that would record haptic feedback data, along a pressure sensor to generate pressure sensor data. With these sensors, ideally, gamers can interact with virtual objects such as the ability to pick them up, toss an object around, or even squeeze an object.

Through the images from the patent, we can see that Sony has even allowed certain gestures to be recognized in-game. By pointing, the game could register a gun, gripping my be used to hold a sword or extending two digits may showcase an item. However, with all this said, there’s no way of knowing what Sony’s plans are for this potential glove controller. Corporations file patents all the time and only a small handful may see the light of day.


This could potentially be an idea tossed around within the company at the current moment but we’re interested in your thoughts on the matter. Would you like to see glove controllers to interact with the VR headset or do you prefer a physical controller? Let us know in the comment section below.