Sony Is Holding A Press Conference During Chinajoy

Sony made a surprise announcement last year when they unveiled that they will be skipping out on E3 2019. Arguably the biggest video game expo of the year, most video game companies make an appearance of some shape or form as a means to alert media along with fans of what’s coming out into the market. While we don’t have the full reasoning likely for what caused Sony to skip E3, it was stated in the past that the company didn’t have enough to reveal along with acknowledging that the gaming giant would be considering other means of delivering gamers news.

One of these means was Sony’s State of Play video uploads that act similar to Nintendo Direct where gamers got a small presentation of new video game announcements aimed toward the PlayStation 4. Now it looks like Sony is confirming their presence at Chinajoy, a gaming event that will showcase announcements for the Chinese market. This presentation will run two hours long, which is quite lengthy and will hold a few video game announcements, though we don’t know if these are games that previously released in other markets or brand new announcements that have yet to be unveiled.

At any rate, this is likely going to be exciting for gamers worldwide as it’s always possible to see a new trailer to even a video game announcement that has been kept under wraps. We’re of course clueless what will be unveiled so if you’re dying to know, you may have to seek out a livestream when the event is held on August 1, 2019, at 5:30 GMT. With that said, anything notable will, of course, be shared online through media outlets like ours right here on

Source: MP1st