Dead Cells: Rise of the Giant Free DLC is Now Available for All Platforms; New Stylized Cartoon Trailer Released

dead cells

Motion Twin has released a new trailer for the critically acclaimed indie Metroidvania title, Dead Cells.

The new trailer for the free Dead Cells DLC — Rise of the Giant, is now available to download on all platforms and the developers released a new stylized cartoon trailer for the game. IT has our iconic hero running through the well too familiar castle using all sorts of crazy weapons!

Check out the Dead Cells: Rise of the Giant free DLC trailer down below:

Dead Cells: Rise of the Giant, the first FREE DLC from Motion Twin is available now! Take on a new level with challenging new enemies, fight your way through and challenge the Giant…

If that’s not enough for you there’s even more hidden content available for the adventurous souls. Plus, now there’s a shiny new skinning system that will allow you to dress up any way you like.

Dead Cells is an amazing title, a true jewel of a title in an overcrowded genre. The recently released new mini-documentary showcases how indie developer came up with Dead Cells alongside detailing the companies overview state of work. Check out the mini-doc right here!

Dead Cells: Rise of the Giant free DLC is now available on all platforms. Are you excited for the free DLC? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: YouTube