Dead Cells Mini-Documentary Showcases Upcoming DLC as Well as Behind Scene Development Footage

dead cells

Developer Motion Twin and Red Bull has partnered up to bring fans of the critically acclaimed rougevania title, Dead Cells, a new mini-documentary showcasing the behind the scenes footage of the development process.

Dead Cells is an amazing title, a true jewel of a title in an overcrowded genre. This new mini-documentary showcases how indie developer came up with Dead Cells alongside detailing the companies overview state of work. We also get a little look at the upcoming free DLC for the game, titled Rise of the Giant.

Check out the Story of Dead Cells mini-documentary down below:

Attendees of PAX East 2019 will get their first hands-on look at the Dead Cells DLC titled Rise of the Giant. Are you excited for the upcoming free DLC for Dead Cells? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Red Bull