Dead Island 2 Has Not Been Dropped Yet

When it comes to video game titles that laid dormant after a few years, gamers are quick to write them off. There’s a wide list of video games trapped in development hell or soon to be canceled altogether. However, one video game title we can bring back to the forefront on that list which may eventually escape the development hell clutches is Dead Island 2. This upcoming survival horror action video game title is not dead yet even though its been years since its initial announcement.

If you recall the original Dead Island, players were trapped on an island that was hit with a virus. In order to escape, the game put players in position to deal with the undead horde while seeking out supplies and helping the remaining survivors out in their time of need. The game released with a positive reception and back in 2014 we got the announcement of its sequel, Dead Island 2. Now since then, the video game has exchanged hands with development studios and even publishers.

THQ Nordic was quick to swipe up as many companies and IPs as possible. One of those companies was Deep Silver, the publisher behind Dead Island so now THQ Nordic is behind the publishing of this upcoming installment. Again, it’s been years since we have heard anything in regards of the sequel but apparently, THQ Nordic CEO Lars Wingefors spoke to IGN and stated that the video game is still being worked on and to stay tuned for new information.

We’re not sure just what the progress is right now for the video game but it does look like THQ Nordic is not ready to write it off yet. Furthermore, at this point, perhaps this game will be a next generation video game release. Regardless, we’ll have to wait and see what THQ Nordic has to say about the IP when the time comes for a proper announcement.

Source: IGN, GameSpot