Artwork Revealed For Pitched Metroid Cartoon Series

Nintendo is home to several big franchises that have gone on to grow their own following. Some of these old school franchises that first got their start from Nintendo with the launch of the Nintendo Entertainment System is still living on today with new exciting video game releases. However, it’s interesting to find details and information regarding what could have been but ultimately was turned down. Today the internet is finding out about a potential Metroid adapted cartoon series. This bit of information comes from an auction that shows off some past works from DIC Animation.

There’s one interesting aspect from the concept art which is being sold on eBay and that’s the change of the character Samus’ gender. Apparently, the studio was working on a Metroid series which follows a male lead though no information has since come out as to why the made the change. Likewise, it turns out that this was not the only cartoon series that was going to be pitched.

Apparently, the studio was also working on concept art for a Double Dragon cartoon, Castlevania, and a California Games. Again, much like the Metroid concept art, there is no information as to what these cartoons would have been like if the production would have been given the green light.

At any rate, those of you who would like the concept art will get the chance as the auction is still going on right now through eBay. There’s a total of four days left before the auction ends and this will get you all of the concept artwork pieces mentioned above.


Source: Game Informer, eBay