Minecraft Classic Now Available For Free Through Web Browsers

Minecraft is such a massive hit that is enjoyed by gamers old and young around the world. It started out ten years ago and still, fans can’t get enough of the game today. However, as time moved on the game received plenty of updates and features which helped evolved the game and entertainment gamers can have within it. So if you’re interested in looking back at the humble beginnings of where the game came from or if you’re simply looking to try Minecraft out for the first time, you may be delighted to know that the Classic edition of the game is now completely free.

Best of all, you don’t have to download or install Minecraft Classic edition. While it doesn’t take much for a computer to run the game if needed to be downloaded, those who just want to hop into the world and enjoy the bare bones version of the game can do so through their web browser. Microsoft, who now owns Minecraft, has released the Minecraft Classic today which was made to help in celebrating the ten year anniversary of the video game.

Again, as mentioned above, this is the classic edition so you can’t expect to see the latest updates or content available currently in the game. It’s just the first edition with the original blocks and content that came when Minecraft came out into the scene back in 2009. At any rate, if you wish to enjoy the game then you can do so right here otherwise you can purchase the full game and receive the latest updates.


Source: CultofMac