Konami Still Manages To Turn A Profit With Latest Revenue Reports

Konami may not have the name recognition as it once day years ago but the company is still around. Today we’re learning that the Konami name is still turning quite the profit thanks to some of their video game releases which may shock some gamers as the company was once known for some of their grand titles from yesteryear. Instead, it looks like the development studio needs the last few video game franchises it got its start from in order to keep moving along at a nice financial pace. In fact, this is the fifth year in a row according to reports that Konami has managed to grow financially.

Before when Konami was brought up it was with distaste due to the split between the company and their legendary developer, Hideo Kojima. Prior to that, it was beloved from its franchises such as Silent Hill, Castlevania, and Metal Gear Solid. But now the company has since moved away from the big video game titles for consoles in favor of other revenue sources with gambling machines to mobile applications. In fact, that turn didn’t stop the company from making a good profit.

Today the reports have come out which revealed that this past year Konami was able to bring out a $2.37 billion revenue growth and its projected to continue on next year. As mentioned, the developer doesn’t offer too many classic franchises today. Instead, you may find that they bring out more mobile titles such as the Yu-Gi-Oh franchise or the niche following of PES. Some fans are holding out hope that perhaps Konami will bring out the old classics once again in a new reboot but maybe we shouldn’t hold our breath as it seems that Konami is doing fine with their current development decisions.

Source: PlayStation LifeStyle