Banned Fallout 76 Players Must Write Essays To Regain Account

We’ve seen developers ban players all the time for cheating in video games. There are even some interesting requirements made to get players accounts back after they cheated initially and that’s exactly the route Bethesda is going for Fallout 76. The latest installment to the Fallout franchise was not the biggest hit in the series, in fact, there were plenty of gamers online who were open to criticize the video game, but there is still a player base enjoying the title. With that said, Bethesda has already started to ban a wide number of players who they felt was cheating in the game.

Players who mod the game in order to gain items or a quick progression is often at risk of getting banned. That’s the case for several gamers on Fallout 76 who were caught modifying the game but some of those players were reportedly not looking to gain any sort of progression edge. Instead, there were players that were hoping to make the game look even better by means of graphics packs. As a result, when the game picks up a player is using a third-party application that is modifying the game, the player account in question is banned.

This is a warning to those who may try to make the Fallout 76 video game look better or more defined. Luckily, there is a means to get your account back, but it will definitely take some time in order to appeal the decision. Apparently, emails are being sent out by Bethesda that state if a player wishes to have their account banned appeal then they must write an essay on why third-party cheat software is detrimental to an online game community. From there the management team will read and review the essay before making a decision on the appeal.

We’re not sure how this will play out for gamers who were simply enhancing the graphics of Fallout 76 but at the very least there is a second chance to jump back and enjoy the game. Of course, with that said, let this be a warning to those who may take a chance to tweak the game via third party software.


[Source: Gadgets 360]