Konami Has Big Plans For 50th Anniversary?

The Konami name is not something that brings in the most joyous response from the gaming community. Years ago, the name was met with praise as it delivered some fantastic video games and franchises that sparked several installments. 2018 is wrapping up and while we are gearing up for the New Year which is already full of some fantastic video game titles expected to launch, we could see Konami make a big return. This speculation is starting to stir up online after a report from Gematsu but just what we can expect is up for debate.

Famitsu is a Japanese publication and it comes with some fantastic interviews from development studios located overseas. As a result, Gematsu is readily available to translate the messages for a more worldwide response. For instance, the latest report came after several developers sent in their celebration remarks for the New Year approaching. One name in particular that sent in a comment was Konami, a development studio that was quite disliked by the gaming community after the fallout of Hideo Kojima and the cancellation of Silent Hills. Since then the studio is attempting to push on and have already delivered a couple of projects.

In the Famitsu post, Konami made note that they will soon experience their 50th anniversary and as a result, they will develop products and services. Now we don’t know just what Konami has in mind but it does look like Konami is starting to make a bigger return. Could this anniversary celebration be HD remasters for select franchises like Metal Gear Solid or perhaps new installments completely?

At any rate, we will have to wait and see just what Konami has planned for their big 50th anniversary year celebration. Are there any video game franchises, in particular, you hope to see picked back up? Let us know by leaving a comment down below.

[Source: Gematsu]