Telltale Games Being Removed From Steam

Telltale Games has been an iconic studio for their collection video game titles released into the market. Players received new narrative-focused adventures that put players into the major role with their choices and decisions which offered crucial turning points in the narrative storyline. It was a surprise this year that Telltale Games was closing its doors and now the process of finally shutting down is coming to an end of its own. As a result, players may be spotting a few video games being removed online that Telltale Games originally developed and released.

The company is filing for bankruptcy and has hired a company to handle the liquidations which can range from the physical items from the studio to the IPs. As a result, some of these video games have been taken down from Steam. While we may not receive the video game sequels to The Wolf Among Us or Game of Thrones, not all video games have been killed completely off.

When the announcement of Telltale Games was closing the studio was in the middle of working on the latest and last season of The Walking Dead. With two episodes out, it was unclear if the game would be finished likewise, there was plenty of hype building up for Netflix’s Stranger Things video game. Netflix was quick to announce they were still working on bringing the game out and as it turns out Robert Kirkman, creator of The Walking Dead, stepped up with his company Skybound to continue the final season.


[Source: GameDaily]