Skybound Answers Questions Regarding The Walking Dead: The Final Season Development

It wasn’t very long ago that we heard the news of Telltale Games shutting down its studio and moving on. This meant that a number of IPs that the studio was working on was killed off and while we won’t see the release of a Game of Thrones or The Wolf Among Us Season Two, there are other video game titles that are still very much still alive and thriving. For instance, it was unveiled that Netflix was attempting to keep the Stranger Things video game alive and most recently, it was unveiled that Skybound would step in and help with The Walking Dead: The Final Season.

For gamers who have been playing The Walking Dead franchise from Telltale Games, this latest season was set to be the last and feature a narrative that wraps up Clementine. However, just before the second episode release, Telltale Games was forced to close leaving the game to be in limbo. Online retailers started to pull the episodes down from being available for purchase though shortly after the studio’s closure, it looked like the game was going to see some type of proper conclusion.

Skybound was the company who was available to continue to move the story on with their new video game division. For some background information, Skybound is the company owned by Robert Kirkman, the creator behind The Walking Dead. So we expect the game to be in good care though there was still plenty of questions that fans were hoping to be answered sooner than later.

Luckily the folks over at Skybound was able to offer some insight as to the current progress by conducting an AMA over at Reddit. It was here that we learned that the company is looking to get everything back up and running as soon as possible. However, there are still plenty of obstacles in their way such as bringing back some of the developers and finding a studio that would be suitable for them to work within.

In the development of any game, it’s often not a fixed team, people roll on and off of projects all of the time depending on where the game is at in its development cycle and this is no different. So, that means there are people who were on the team who were close to rolling off onto something else, it’s unfair to ask someone to come back and do a couple of weeks work, especially if that would get in the way of another job offer, so this is just one example of some of the challenges we face.

Every single member of the development team has a unique personal situation and we have to take all of that into account, so there really isn’t a one size fits all solution, we have to look at it on a case by case basis and that’s why it’s not a quick process.

When it comes to the narrative, it looks like there are no changes in the works as this story was something that was already long-standing collaboration between the writers and Skybound. For now, it looks like the game is back in development but it may be a bit before the next episode is close to being ready for release.


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