Skybound Wants The Walking Dead: The Final Season To Be Finished By Former Telltale Employees

One of the most loved video game franchises from Telltale Games was The Walking Dead as it really put the development studio on the map for several gamers around the world. Players got a brand new narrative journey that follows a group attempting to survive the zombie apocalypse. Much like the comic book and drama television series, the journey is both harsh and aimed for mature audiences. While we’ve been watching this story unfold for a number of years now, it came as a surprise and saddening news that the final season was cut short.

It wasn’t very long ago that news broke of Telltale Games shutting its doors with so many great IPs that fans enjoyed being killed off. We’ve been waiting for the sequels to both The Wolf Among Us and Game of Thrones. While we won’t get those video games, it was revealed that Netflix still had an interest in bringing back Stranger Things the video game which was in the works over from Telltale Games. However, it was more concerning for The Walking Dead fan base as to the future of The Walking Dead: The Final Season.

Telltale Games revealed their decision to close its doors right before the release of the second episode and shortly after its release, the game was pulled from online retailers. The future wasn’t completely grim for the game as it seemed that development team was looking at bringing out the narrative journey in some shape or form.

That form turns out to be a standard video game from Skybound. The Skybound CEO Ian Howe recently held a Reddit AMA where he revealed that the company is bringing out the remainder of the video game but it was seeking out past developers to come back and finish what they started. Unfortunately, that may be a bit tough as these developers may have already taken on new jobs. At any rate, it was during the Reddit AMA that Ian Howe was hoping the game would be finished up completely by the former Telltale Staff.

Currently, there is no word on just when the game will be picked back up with the third episode release remaining much of a mystery though Skybound does hope it comes out before the end of this year.


[Source: Gamasutra]