id Software Reveals How Extra Lives Work Within Doom Eternal

Doom is a massive video game franchise and one that’s been around for decades. Gamers for generations now have been playing the series as they fight off a slew of demons in order to reclaim order with the latest installment being a reboot. Doom, or better known now online as Doom 2016, was a reboot for the franchise that offered gamers a classic Doom experience on the latest generation platform hardware.

As a result, we saw gore filled non-stop action fun with players killing off demon after demon. When E3 2018 came around it was no surprise that gamers would be receiving a brand new installment due to the success id Software and Bethesda had with the reboot release. While we didn’t get very many details regarding the game at E3 2018, QuakeCon 2018 proven to be the center stage for Doom Eternal.

Players were given practically a half hour of gameplay footage for the upcoming installment. Within the game, it appears that hell has finally reached Earth with our fabled hero being the last chance of survival for humanity.

Developers also brought in new enemies and weapons for players to enjoy in this new upcoming game but the overall same tone and feel are attached to this project. At any rate, there was one small icon that was shown off during the gameplay footage and that was a notice of earning an Extra Life.

Developers originally didn’t touch on the Extra Life during the QuakeCon 2018 unveiling but after during an interview with VG247 executive producer, Marty Stratton gave word on what players can expect.

Apparently, this Extra Life will grant players another chance to reach a checkpoint within the game. Instead of dying and going back from the start or previous checkpoint within the level, the screen will simply go grey allowing players to keep fighting while being invulnerable for a short period of time.

Think of these Extra Lives as a safety net where players won’t be completely out of the game if they are just shy of reaching the next big section of a level or boss.

Currently, Doom Eternal doesn’t have a release date attached but will be launching for the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and lastly the Nintendo Switch platforms.

[Source: VG247]