Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 5 – Week 6 Challenges Guide | Time Trials & Treasure Locations [VIDEO]

The weeks just keep marching on, and we’ve got two more challenges for you to find in Fortnite: Season 5.

In Week 6, it’s all about locating “Where The Stone Heads Are Looking” and tracking down at least five time trials. There are lots of time trials all over the map, but actually completing five of them is a challenge when there are hyperactive opponents gunning everyone down left and right. We were able to find five (or six) pretty out-of-the-way trials for you to complete.

The “Where The Stone Heads Are Looking” challenge rewards you with a Battle Star, but you don’t need to worry about those big stone faces. You can just drop down onto the Battle Start location, shown in the maps below.

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Week 6 Challenges Guide | Time Trials & Treasure Locations

  • Challenge: Search Where The Stone Heads Are Looking
    • Battle Star Location: Salty Springs – On a small hill, just southwest of Salty Springs. It’s the closest small hill to Salty Springs, so you can’t miss it.
      • Map Coordinates: F7 [The only hill with cliffs on this grid square. It’s near Salty Springs. Land on it from above to grab it quickly.]

For the Week 6 Challenge, you need to find 5 Time Trials and complete them. There are more than 5 Time Trials on the map, but you only need to complete five. A time trial is a small blue circle you can interact with — starting it will begin a countdown timer and make more waypoints appear. You’ll need to grab them all before the countdown completes. You may need to build ramps to reach some of the waypoints.

  • Challenge: 5 Time Trials
    • Trial #1: E7 [Found on a river between Shifty Shafts and Salty Springs. On the grid square, travel up to the northern edge to find it on the river bank.]
    • Trial #2: H9 [Reach the stream in the desert biome, located southeast of Fatal Fields. From the pond, travel east up the stream to find the time trial.]
    • Trial #3: H6 [In the southeast corner of Retail Row.]
    • Trial #4: A5 [Right on the southeastern exterior edge of Snobby Shores. You’ll need an ATK to complete this one.]
    • Trial #5: G3 [On another river, east of Lazy Links. Go to the bridge east of the golf course, then travel down the stream slightly south to find it.]
    • Trial #6: C2 [Smack in the center of C2, an empty field north of Pleasant Park.]