Play Age of Conan For Free to Level 20

age of conan free trial

Those of you who missed out on Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures, Funcom’s massively multiplayer adaptation of the popular sword and sorcery property, can download the trial version of the game before January 1st, 2010 and enjoy levels one to twenty – without paying for a full account or subscription fee i.e free of cost.

Funcom is delighted to announce a unique holiday offer for its massively multiplayer online game ‘Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures’. Anyone who downloads, registers, and starts playing the trial before January 1st 2010 will be able to enjoy all of level one to twenty – the entire Island of Tortage experience – without ever having to upgrade to a full account or pay a subscription fee. This unique Unlimited Free Trial campaign is only available until January 1st as a special holiday offer to anyone who wishes to experience the sexy and savage world of Conan.

Morten Larssen, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Funcom said,

Our original seven day trial has been very successful so far, but with the holiday season coming up this is the perfect time to shake up our trial offer a bit and try out something new. So everyone who downloads the trial before January 1st will be able to play the first part of the game for free, forever. We are confident that many of those taking advantage of this offer will choose to become permanent players, allowing them to experience all of what the game has to offer including all the additions and improvements introduced since launch.

Celebrate the holiday season by downloading the trial today, and experience ‘Age of Conan’ in all its savage, sexy and brutal glory. Go to to download the client and start your barbaric adventures today. Players can level up as many characters as they want before choosing to move on and explore the rest of the game. Players will be able to enjoy all of what Tortage Island has to offer, complete with player vs. environment and player vs. player gameplay. Users must take advantage of this offer before January 1st, and will need to log in to the game for the offer to take effect.