[VIDEO] Red Dead Redemption Preview Trailer

In recent weeks, Rockstar games has started to show off more of it’s upcoming sandbox wild west shooter, Read Dead Redemption, due April 27, 2010. A new preview trailer has been released with a narrative explaining the era in which the game is set and how the game is set up to be one of the most authentic experience of the good old Wild West.
Although similarities to GTA are pretty evident, a rural setting is sure to bring something new to the table, the game also packs a host of mini games and moral decisions that will affect your honor and riches as you play through the campaign. The dead eye targeting system similar to what we’ve seen in Call of Juarez lets you paint targets in red targeting circles….let go and see the bullets fly and the bodies fall.

We are pretty impressed with what we’ve seen so far and will keep a close eye on this game for sure.