Splinter Cell: Conviction 4 Coop Modes Confirmed

splinter cell conviction

Ubisoft has released some juicy details regarding coop and multiplayer in the upcoming installment of it’s Splinter Cell franchise, Spinter Cell: Conviction. The details surfaced in the latest edition of OXM Magazine :

+ Archer and Kestrel are the new co-op characters.

+ Takes place about 2 months before Conviction.

+ Roughly 6 hours.

+ Cover system similar to Gears of War.

+ When wounded, you can either play dead or use your pistol until your partner heals you or you bleed out.

+ Deniable Ops (4 co-op): Series of standalone challenges set within the same four stages from the co-op story mode, plus two additional maps:

+ Hunter: Where players have to kill off all enemy NPCs on the map.

+ Infiltration: Same concept as Hunter mode, but detection by enemies automatically results in failure.

+ Last Stand: Protect an EMP warhead from waves of attacking foes.

+ Face Off: The sole adversarial mode, with players going head-to-head with a customizable number of A.I. Opponents populating the map.

+ You earn points through out the SP and MP.

+ Change your look online and the look of Sam Fisher.

+ Upgrade Weapons / Gadgets / Appearance.

+ 6 Maps (four for the story co-op and two only for Deniable Ops).