Nintendo Recruits Mario’s Plumbing Services Once More

MUSHROOM KINGDOM – Disgruntled crowds of goombas have been sighted staging an aggressive protest outside Peach’s Castle. Our sources can reveal the demonstration is in response to Nintendo’s decision to reinstate Mario as plumber. Yes, that’s right. Nintendo’s iconic cap hurling mascot has returned to his pipe dream.

Last year, we reported that Mario had left behind his original profession to pursue greener pastures. However, a recent development has clarified the situation. The Japanese description for Mario’s character profile has been updated to indicate that he is in fact still a plumber. The observation was initially posted on Reddit, where it has gained a considerable number of upvotes.

The edited description now reads: (Mario’s) occupation is a plumber, but his activities aren’t limited to that. Nintendo appears to have adopted a more descriptive approach that takes all of Mario’s employment history into account, notwithstanding his latest adventures on mobile. Truth be told, Mario is a man of many caps. His talents extend beyond professional obstacle course stuntman to kart racing, sprinting and multiple sports. As for why Nintendo has chosen to call upon Mario’s plumbing services again, it may be necessary for the upcoming animated film. What do you think?