Nintendo’s First Mobile Racer is “Mario Kart Tour”

Nintendo of America has used social media to make a special annoucement regarding the next installment of its Mario Kart series. Rather than revealing Mario Kart 9 or a remaster of Mario Kart: Double Dash, the Japanese company said its newest kart racer, Mario Kart Tour, would be a mobile application. To be quite frank, it’s totally understandable if Mario wants a break after all that running and platforming.

This marks Mario’s second official foray into the mobile sphere following Super Mario Run. So far, Nintendo hasn’t fleshed out finer details on the general strucutre of Mario Kart Tour, such as a potential track listing, which characters will make an appearance, any screenshots or teasers, but we do know one thing: The release frame is pencilled in as the fiscal year ending March 2019.

Just a few hours ago, Nintendo also said it would be working together with Illumination Entertainment on a new movie starring the ex-plumber himself. It seems Nintendo is branching out in numerous directions to drive up overall revenue and capture consumer interest, even though it hasn’t jumped onto the VR bandwagon.