Knack 2 Sold An Estimated 67,000 Units Opening Week

When Knack was promoted alongside Sony’s PS4 back in 2013, people were excited to have a refreshing take on the third person adventure titles that were so popular back in the era of the 2000’s, unfortunately the game wasn’t as good as we had hoped – in fact it was pretty awful, and it seems most of the internet agreed.

However, this didn’t stop Sony who for some reason thought that it would be a good idea to bring a sequel to the dismally performing game – it wasn’t.

According to VGChartz, the game shifted 67,000 units during its first week on retail, a considerably low number for a ‘triple-a’ title, especially when compared to games like Cuphead, which shiftED 500,00 copies during the first week on Steam.

It’s worth noting, however, that VGChartz isn’t a solid report on actual sales, but rather a fairly decent benchmark as to how a game performed.

‘It’s time to think big with the smallest hero on the block. Welcome to a fun-filled and hugely varied world of combat, platforming and puzzles, where the size shifting hero Knack is powered up and ready to save the day.

Shrink to traverse tight passageways, sneak into tiny entrances and dodge enemy attacks, or add to Knack’s mass and become a colossal golem capable of smashing your foes. Unleash over 20 different moves, from dazzling kicks and punches, to devastating body slams and long range grab attacks. ‘