Okami HD Reportedly Releasing This Xmas For PS4/Xbox One

The cult classic, Okami HD is reportedly getting a release on PS4 and Xbox One consoles this Xmas. The case comes from two different retailers in Europe who have added Okami HD to their internal upcoming physical releases calendar. Both retail chains are in different parts of the EU, and both list the game as releasing on 12th December 2017.

While retailers haven’t been the most reliable source of information over the years, both sources have been verified.

So far Kotaku has been trying to get a hold of Capcom to comment on this but there has been no response from the company as of yet.

You haven’t fully experienced the beauty of Nippon until you’ve seen it on an HD canvas! Okami painted vivid and colorful memories for many. Now it’s back to revive those memories, and create new ones for those who have yet to take up the Celestial Brush.

Supports PlayStation®Move motion controller and includes 51 trophies (with one platinum trophy).

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