All Walls Must Fall Bringing Tactical Espionage to Steam,

After almost two years of fine-tuning, tinkering, and adding the finishing touches, inbetweengames is set to launch their debut title All Walls Must Fall on Steam and All Walls Must Fall is set in a dystopian Berlin where the Cold War never ended, and puts players in the shoes of secret agents stranded in time. To set things straight, they’ll need to dance their way through Berlin’s hottest nightclubs using stealth, hacking, and combat to prevent global nuclear annihilation. Sound crazy? It is.

Jan David Hassel of inbetweengames explains that All Walls Must Fall is a political game, and deals with life under a totalitarian surveillance state. The game’s core time-travel mechanic was introduced to allow you to undo previous mistakes, rewind the events around you, or rewind yourself.

All Walls Must Fall will release through and Steam’s early access program on August 8. The current version of the game grants access to the first act of a replayable campaign. Put All Walls Must Fall on your wishlist here.