In All Walls Must Fall, The Cold War Never Ended

inbetweengames was founded by 3 YAGER veterans, and they’ve got an upcoming Cold War title.

All Walls Must Fall takes place in Berlin 2089. The Cold War never ended, and a nuclear strike causes both sides to send agents back in time to prevent the Armageddon from happening. As you loop through time, you have to make a choice between which factions to trust, and do whatever it takes to tear down the wall once and for all.


It’s an action tactics game that promises to have procedurally generated levels and campaign. It takes place in a Sci-Fi Berlin, telling a story about the truth of freedom and the definition of free will. The game will have some kind of mix between hacking gameplay, stealth, and straight up combat.

All Walls Must Fall is set to release into Early Access sometime in Autumn 2016. Check out the game’s website, Twitter, and Facebook for all the latest updates.