Historical FPS Day of Infamy Introduces Second Free Update

Since its launch in March, World War 2 shooter Day of Infamy has sold over 200,000 copies, impressing players with its realistic simulation of war in Southern and Western Europe. It began life as a mod for 2015 tactical FPS Insurgency, forging its own path by reviving the WW2 shooter genre and paving the way for games like Call of Duty: WWII. 

Today marks the introduction of a second free update to Day of Infamy, which is partially inspired by Christopher Nolan’s upcoming film DunkirkTwo new maps (Dunkirk and Breville) as well as an updated foliage system promising better concealment are coming to the game, and will coincide with a livestream on Twitch.

Day of Infamy’s creative director Andrew Spearin said the Dunkirk map has “a unique gameplay perspective” since it inverts the typical formula by ending on the beach rather than starting there. The Dunkirk map draws on the real events which transpired during the Dunkirk evacuation during 1940.

Day of Infamy is out now via Steam and the Humble Store (Windows, Mac, Linux) for $19.99 USD.