World War II Shooter Day of Infamy Officially Launches Today

Day of Infamy has left Steam Early Access, and this recent big patch has a lot to show for it. Developers New World Interactive also created Insurgency. Day of Infamy broke off from an Insurgency mod last year, and is now ready to stand on its own.

New World released an official launch trailing and will also be hosting a livestream later today to celebrate. The show kicks off at 11am PST, 2pm EST, and 6PM GMT/UK on the studio’s official Twitch channel. Developers will also be taking community questions.

The game received a big patch yesterday the introduced new content, update the UI in major ways, and made more optimizations for launch.

Day of Infamy includes ten maps, playable in either multiplayer or co-op against AI. Nine classes are available to choose from, each with a specific role on the battlefield. Day of Infamy, since it is based on a mod naturally has full Steam Workshop integration.

You can get it from Steam or the Humble Store for $20. The game uses Valve’s Source Engine so it runs smoothly on most machines.