Sony Held Back Promoting PSVR Due to Lack of Supply

PlayStation VR is rapidly approaching its first birthday. It first hit the market last October, and by February it had sold over 900,000 units. This figure has now exceeded 1 million, and according to Sony Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida, it could have been even greater. The reason behind Sony’s comparatively meek marketing approach for PSVR is that it “didn’t have enough units”. Yoshida revealed that the company would “restart promoting the system” and upcoming games in an interview with Kinda Funny Games (Tune in to the 14 minute mark).

The comments are consistent with predictions made by Sony Interactive Entertainment President Andrew House, who had predicted PSVR shortages. He reasoned that VR is ‘transformative’ for gaming, and being a medium that’s still in its infancy, it would be difficult to ascertain audience uptake.

In recent months, there have been multiple announcements regarding new PSVR titles, with both AAA and indies jumping on the bandwagon: