Until Dawn Developers Announce The Inpatient at E3

From the makers behind folklore horror game Until Dawn comes another terrifying tale, The Inpatient. You may recall Until Dawn for its choice-based gameplay and thrilling storyline, which took place amongst the snowy landscapes of Blackwood Mountain. Spin-off Until Dawn: Rush of Blood came out last year as a PlayStation VR exclusive, but was set in the same universe. It also launched as part of a PSVR bundle earlier this year, and it seems that developers Supermassive Games are intent on continuing to explore virtual reality with their latest title.

Confirmed on the PlayStation Twitter accountThe Inpatient is a slightly different horror experience completely that’s also set in VR. Like Until Dawn, it seems to star an unsettling doctor or psychiatrist (I sure hope he’s not as scary as Dr.Hill but things aren’t looking good) who watches over an inpatient residing in the mental institution—known as Blackwood Sanatorium in the game. In fact, The Inpatient takes place 60 years before the events of Until Dawnso it definitely looks like there’s a loose connection between the games.