Moss is an Adorable VR Game Starring a Mouse

Described as “the world’s cutest new adventurer”, the mouse protagonist in upcoming PSVR game Moss might just be what virtual reality needs. So far, Platforming adventures like Lucky’s Tale have brought a cute touch to Oculus Rift, and in the more traditional digital games space, indie adventures like Ghost of a Tale have let players adopt control of anthropomorphic mice with a penchant for stealth. This time, we have a mouse with a blade.

In Moss, which appears to be a fantasy RPG judging from the short trailer reveal, players manoeuvre a white mouse donned in a red scarf through beautiful worlds. There are dark, cobwebbed corridors to navigate, mythical monsters to battle, puzzles to solve and doors to unlock. Beautiful, natural forest environments set a relaxing scene, but very quickly the game is graced with a spiritual touch, with magical orbs and strange beams of light.

There’s no release date for Moss at this point.